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5 Factors to Consider When Purchasing School Chairs

Thinking about replacing your old daycare furniture? Or planning to purchase preschool furniture for your newly made school? In any case, you need to consider a few things before going ahead with the purchase. Good furniture can make a difference in children’s learning experience. Even the best educators around the world are putting more and more emphasis on selecting the right kind of furniture and creating the best learning environment for students.

Here are the 5 factors that should be considered when purchasing school chairs/furniture:

1. Comfort:
This is one of the major factors that you should keep in mind when you are going to purchase school chairs. Whatever design, brand or size you prefer, it should be comfortable in the first place. You cannot afford to compromise on the comfort of the children. There are plenty of sleek and stylish chairs available on the market to attract you but comfort always comes first. Before making a purchase decision, browse a child care supplies website that specifically designs preschool furniture for Nursery or a Daycare.

2. Preschool Furniture Cost:
Cost is probably the second most important factor to be considered after comfort. Furniture is a substantial investment and therefore you need to spend judiciously. Plan a budget for child care equipment and purchase accordingly. You can determine in advance how many pieces of chairs and tables you need and how much you can spend. Keeping this in mind you can narrow down your options and save yourself from reckless spending. Classroom furniture should be durable and rust resistant. It should withstand the effects of time.

3. Size:
It is very important to invest in right-sized chairs to maintain an organized and clutter-free area. If your preschool furniture size is more than it is required, classroom space might look messy and disorganized. It is advisable to work or study in a clean and clutter-free environment so that children can focus and stay in tune.
Also, the size of the chairs should be selected according to the weight and height of the students, which can generally be categorized as per the age. If you are purchasing chairs for nursery kids, chairs should be small and of different shapes so that they feel happy and energetic.

4. Aesthetic appeal:
Browse through 100s of options that complement the coloration and décor of your school. A pleasing furniture design creates the right vibes and enhances the mood to study. Bright colored chairs like reds and oranges can prove to be a great stimulator for learning.
Generally, people ignore or do not tend to pay a great deal of attention to the color scheme of furniture like in the case of walls or any other interior décor. But the choice of color of chairs can have a significant impact on emotions and the children’s thought process.

5. Mobility and function:
Chairs should be equipped with an additional storage or baskets below it so that they can accommodate school bags, books etc. It will be easy for students to move around in left up space freely, otherwise, they tend to keep their belongings beside the chair or on the floor. Not only does is look cluttered but affects mobility also. It creates a kind of traffic-jam in the classroom.

Aforementioned were a few factors that should be considered while selecting chairs for school. Apart from these, the safety of students in the classroom is also mandatory. The furniture selected should be made from safe, non-toxic materials. Make sure to ask about the safety and material composition from the dealer or retailer. After all, safety is one thing that cannot be overlooked.

Setting up a preschool | Maintenance

You put a lot of work into setting up your preschool business. And you need to put in more effort to keep it running smoothly. You’ll nominate, or get nominated, for awards and such so it’s vital to keep the standards of your preschool high. We’re going to tell you some of the best ways how.


Regular cleaning

Yes, you and the staff will do a cursory clean up at the end of the day or the week. Professional cleaners though, will go that little bit further to make your preschool spick and span.

Fun isn’t always clean!

Preschools are hotbeds of flu and colds come winter and autumn so it’s important to keep your building as clean as possible. Make a list for the cleaning crew to follow, including wiping down all the preschool furniture.



setting up a playgroup
Get a professional accountant or bookkeeper to keep records straight

Weekly bookkeeping and accounting is essential for the daily running of your business. Expenses, enrolment, and maintenance fees must be done by a professional, usually in the form of a bookkeeper or an accountant. They’ll automate what they can, like payroll and invoicing, so you don’t have to worry much about those. Your bookkeeper can also be your tax agent if they’re qualified, submitting BAS every month.


Staff training

Your staff need to keep their qualifications current, so allocate days they can go to training seminars. It’s a matter of health and safety for the workplace, as well as the safety of the children.

When you’re setting up a preschool include a blog section on your website and encourage staff to share their training experiences. This way parents can see their children are in safe hands and having new experiences.


Reordering supplies

You’ll find yourself ordering new preschool supplies on a monthly basis. This can be anything from paper to kitchen utensils. Make sure you create a monthly budget and allocate spending to the arts and crafts section. They’ll get used up quickly thanks to creative kids!

Essentials for setting up a preschool | Equipment edition

In one of our previous articles, we wrote about some of the essentials that went with setting up a daycare. This included finding a property, buying insurance and setting up promotions to let people know you exist. Here we’re going to tell you some of the essential preschool furniture and other equipment needed to run the centre effectively.


For the adults


  • Couches

You’re running a preschool but preschool furniture in the office isn’t recommended. If you have a waiting area for interviews it’s ideal to have one or two love seats. That way parents can sit in comfort.

  • Coffee tables and desks

For the waiting room and the offices it’s a must. When you’re looking for a space for setting up a preschool, favour a building with office space where you can work comfortably and host parents. Part of that comfort is including desks for computers and coffee tables in the waiting area. Place a few magazines and childcare books on top and you’re set!

  • Floor-to-ceiling shelves

It’s good to have this in the lobby and waiting area as a display case. You can use it to show off awards and some art pieces as a personal touch.

  • An equipped kitchen

Parents will bring in lunches and snacks for their kids that will need to be put in the fridge and heated up later. A fully-equipped kitchen with a large fridge, microwave, utensils and more will benefit the whole centre. It’s also a place that can double as a break room for staff to eat their lunch.

Have a kitchen ready for those baking activities

For the children


  • Large soft foam shapes

When the cubby house is taken, make one! When you’re setting up a preschool, don’t pass up the soft foam shapes. They’re surprisingly lightweight and safe for the kids to use.

  • Paints

Arts and crafts basics like acrylic paint, sequins, pencils, feathers, and other sorts of bric-a-brac are vital. Acrylic paint is easier to clean when the children get messy.

  • Cubbies of all kinds

Role play is part of a child’s daily life, facilitated by a cubby house. But there’s also cubby holes for storage.

  • Various seating solutions

When setting up a preschool you’ll need plenty of tables and chairs. But don’t forget to pick up some child-sized couches and beds for nap time. Flat foam shapes can also double as  beds or  chairs.

Need more advice?

The essential list for setting up a preschool

Thinking about setting up a preschool? Well, congratulations on your new business venture! Starting a new business is an exciting time that will test all your skills. When you’re setting up a preschool, there’s some steps you must go through before you can open your doors. Have you checked any of these off the list?


  • Finding a space: Daycare centres don’t have to be large, depending on your business goals. But you need a room (or a few) for the children to play, staff rooms, parking space, an outdoor area, and storage. Don’t rush this step; find a building that’s in a ‘family friendly’ area, with available street parking, and nearby amenities like public transport.


  • Checking qualifications: Parents trust day care centre staff to care for their children. When you’re setting up the preschool, interview candidates that are in training for their child care certificate or already have it. Trainee childcare workers do work placements as part of their study. Also check that staff have a Blue Card and first aid certification.


  • Organise your furnishings: This includes the shade of paint from the walls to the shelves and tables. Daycares can’t operate without daycare furniture! The children need toys to play with, beds to sleep on, and lots of other equipment. Outdoor entertainment is just as important, too. Invest in cubby houses and roleplay sets.


  • Get your accounts in order: Before you hire staff or buy childcare furniture, meet with your accountant and hire a bookkeeper. It’s not the fun part, but you must be on top of loans, your mortgage, and a payroll system for staff.


  • Buy some insurance: A little money for peace of mind! Contents and building insurance, as well as liability, are recommended.


  • Spreading the word: Part of setting up a preschool is spreading the word that you exist. Create a website, get on Facebook, and put paper advertisements in the local news and noticeboards.


  • Plan a welcome party: Or plan any event to create hype about your new preschool. Barbecues, open days, fetes, and the like are commonly held in schools and it’s a great way to introduce your business. Events like this allow children to meet  their new playmates and parents have the chance to mingle.