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Your commercial play centre setup guide

Are you a landlord or a franchisee? Commercial play centre setup takes effort and time. If you’re an independent operator looking to start a small business, or a head office opening another centre, our basic guide is great to have handy.

  • The money

Funding has to come from somewhere. Play centre setup isn’t just picking out paint colours and deciding what cubby house to have in the backyard. Centre operators need money for licensing, leasing, and other general overheads. This is tough for independent operators who are just starting out. It helps to make a business plan, including these things:

  • Licensing fees
  • Payroll
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Bills and body corporate fees
  • Finance repayments

To have a grasp of the costs and maintain control, meet with your accountant and hire a bookkeeper. You don’t want the expenses to run high.

  • The atmosphere

Play centre setup includes planning the more ‘cosmetic’ details, like the exterior yards and facade of the building. It takes less than three seconds to make a good or bad first impression. Independent operators will have more freedom with picking out a theme to base their centre around. Franchisees already have a set standard to follow, sent from head office in a welcome/play centre setup package.

Commercial play centres cater to children, but you must impress the parents first. They’ll spread the word about your fun zone, and won’t hold back. Think about the atmosphere you want to provide. Can parents take time to unwind while the kids play? Is there an outdoor area with access to sunlight and decent equipment to play on?

  • The staff

When you hire staff to supervise the children, they’ll need to have certification in first aid at least. It also helps if they’re qualified to work with children. For childrens’ parties, have ‘party hosts’ on contract. For the restaurant area, your staff won’t need childcare qualifications but it’ll be helpful if they have barista training under their belt.

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