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Childcare fittings and fitouts; 5 tips for designing a beautiful centre

To build a preschool, you have to source childcare fittings, create a marketing plan that gets you noticed and hire capable staff. Before that, however, you must build the centre, often from the ground up.


Pull your finances together

You need money for licensing, amenities, childcare fittings and insurance, to start. As the saying goes, you have to spend money before you make it. Go to the bank and make sure you have an accountant in your contacts list.

Hire a bookkeeper if necessary. They’ll manage the day-to-day finances of the preschool when it finally goes into operation.


Find a builder

Preferably one that has experience in day cares. Unless you’re setting up a home child care centre, hiring a builder is your best bet of creating something up to code.

The builder will be with you throughout the construction process, whether you renovate or build from the ground up. You new preschool with meet safety and other quality control inspections thanks to their experience.


Source your childcare fittings

Kinder Design is a one stop shop for centre owners. We have staples like tables and chairs, cubby houses and even large foam shapes. Our childcare fittings are up to TUV and ISO codes, meaning they go through a battery of tests before they’re put on the market.

We also have custom design and pattern options because no two childcare centres re the same, especially if they’re independently operated. We encourage clients to share their visions so they’ll love the final product. At no extra cost, it’s a feature you definitely need to take advantage of.


Get an interior designer

Building a childcare centre gives you the chance to unleash your inner creative…with some professional help. Interior designers know how to style a space so everything ties together, from the colour of the childcare fittings to the shade of paint on the walls.

The layout of the rooms are just as important. Use your childcare furniture to create quiet and active spaces. It’s necessary to have room for reading, resting and other activities. You’ll need shelves for storage with tables and chairs for general activities. Don’t forget the classics like building blocks and art supplies.


Have patience

For your business to succeed, you need to have patience. You have to gather quotes from the builder, organise the delivery of your childcare fittings, make your presence known and more. You’ll have to do your research, but Australian government sites like ACECQA and the Department of Education have resources to answer your questions.