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Children are full of energy and curiosity so it’s best to find some way (or many) to keep them entertained. The web is full of lists that tout ‘amazing’ activities for babies, preschoolers, and primary school children. Too keep it all simple, we listed some of the better ones here.


Preschooler creative learning and development: ideas and activities by Raising Children

Raising Children is one of the most trusted resources on childcare and development for Australian parents. This section details some activities suitable for children aged between 3 – 5 years. At this age, they’re more ‘physical’ in terms of their ability to run and play sport. Daycare furniture commonly gets upturned in the ruckus. But this article recommends more ‘creative’ play with crafts and dress-ups.


Art and Craft by Aussie Childcare Network

Push that daycare furniture together and make one big table for these fun arts and crafts ideas! Projects include the likes of graduation trees, finger painted friendship trees, candle holders, and Easter Egg dyeing. Those art supplies are going to get a workout with these activities!


Sensory Play Ideas by Learning4Kids

childcare activity goop

Our sense of touch helps us learn new vocabulary (describing the feel of something), improve hand-eye coordination, and encourages a sense of teamwork when children work in groups.

Sensory play gets messy thanks to play-dough materials, paint, and spaghetti worms getting dropped. But Learning4Kids has compiled a list of sensory play activities that won’t make too much of an ‘mess’. Options include sand foam, squishy bags, and even storytelling.


Colouring Pages by Kidspot

This old classic will have the kids sitting quietly and concentrating. It’s a quick fix for some quiet time for both daycare employees and parents at home. Make sure you have several copies of each pattern and lots of pencils!


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